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Mentoring Program ‘Role Model’:

Our objective incorporates a three-pronged approach designed to culminate in the young person being professionally competent, a necessary aspect for thriving in today's complex and competitive world.

1. Academic Success:
We promote this by providing our mentees with baseline assessment and support, guidance on college and career planning, and opportunities to develop valuable skills and experiences. Academic success lays the foundational knowledge required in various professional fields, making it key to unlocking future career opportunities.


2. Positive Behaviour and Well-being:
We aim to help our mentees develop the social and emotional skills they need to succeed in life. This includes support for mental health and wellness, guidance on decision-making, and opportunities to build positive relationships. The cultivation of emotional intelligence and resilience is essential for interpersonal success and well-being in professional environments.


3. Professional Competency:
Finally, we bridge the gap between academic learning and professional application. Through workshops, internships, networking, and career guidance, we help mentees build the soft and technical skills required in the modern workforce. This part of our program is geared towards practical, real-world application, ensuring that the mentees are not just academically proficient but professionally competent as well.

Together, these three objectives not only contribute to the academic achievements of our mentees but also shape them into well-rounded individuals ready for a fulfilling career. In an ever-changing job market, the synergy of academic prowess, emotional well-being, and professional competency provides our mentees with the tools they need to navigate and succeed in their chosen careers.

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