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The Movez Movement (TMM) is a youth-focused organisation founded by Antone Penrose. We provide mentoring services and related support designed to equip our mentees with the tools, resources, and backing they need to excel academically. At TMM, we believe that academic success is instrumental in unlocking future opportunities and enhancing our mentees' lives.


Beyond the curriculum, we also place emphasis on promoting positive behaviour and well-being. We recognise that social and emotional skills are as vital as academic abilities. Our goal is to ensure our mentees thrive in every facet of their lives.


The roots of TMM were sown 18 years ago, inspired by Antone's profound passion for music. Born and raised in Old Trafford, Antone pursued an NCFE in Music Technology Engineering and worked as a sound and light engineer at the Zion Arts Centre in Hulme. This experience led him to launch annual projects teaching young individuals the craft of music creation. Remarkably, many of the attendees were from gang-affiliated backgrounds. However, Antone observed a significant shift in their behaviour — a move away from illegal activities and undesirable company.


Having witnessed the transformative power of these projects and recognising the success of music therapy from his degree in Counselling and Therapeutic Studies, Antone identified a pressing need. Based on his upbringing in Trafford, his love for music, and his professional qualifications and experience, he realised there was a gap. TMM was founded with a clear objective: to bridge that gap and make a lasting impact on young lives.

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